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Between twenties and seventies the greatest fleet of passenger ships ever existed was flying the Italian flag. That was the maximum splendor for the Italian navy based on faster and faster vessels able to guarantee the highest services, as the Rex and Conte di Savoia.
Those vessels were called “Dame del Mare”.
A century later two “Dame del Mare” bring back the carefree atmosphere of those sea travels in their  newborn eco-sustainable luxury b&b nestled between the sea of Castro (Lecce) and the owned pine forest.

Let yourself be pampered by the quality of the service and the comfort of the rooms: we will light up your evenings with original lamps from ships, we will envelop your sleep with fine linen sheets, we will amaze your view with breathtaking views. The contents of the minibar, the Nespresso and the kettle are at your complete disposal without further charges.


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