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Why it's Important to Become an LGBTQ+ Welcoming Business?

One of the most important factors in choosing a destination or a hotel for LGBTQ+ travellers is their safety and security. For this reason between their main behaviour they looking to plan an holiday getting information on specialized LGBT websites and choosing a company that turns openly to LGBTQ+ community. The social sustainability and inclusion issues are important not only from an ethic point of view but also because this will be a commitment requested to all the companies in the next future (ESG criteria). Create a better workplace it’s also important to attract new talents to your organization.

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We add value to Your Hotel in order to Reach LGBTQ+ Travelers Streamline Your Business


Our company manage one of the biggest global LGBTQ+ tourism media network

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QueerVadis Accredited Businesses are organizations that have submitted our Online Assessment (minimum score requested 40 points), joined our training for their employees and subscribed our ethic code. Differently by QueerVadis Certified Organizations, our Standards of Conduct it's not mandatory and their commitment isn't validated by the international certification company RINA.

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1.400 Annually
  • Development/Update DE&I Company Policy
  • E-learning (DE&I, LGBTQ+ Tourism & Marketing)
  • Webinars Online
  • LGBTQ+ Social Media Tool Kit
  • 1 Listing Profile on QV Web Directory (1 year)
  • 1 Newsletter to our B2C/B2B Subscribers
  • 1 Full Ads Page on QMagazine
  • Hotel Score Widget (LGBTQ+ Index)
  • Use of QueerVadis Trained Logo

QV Accredited+

890,00 ***Annual renewal cost discounted by 30%***  
  • This plan includes 5 listings
  • Listings are visible for 365 days
  • Online Training (1 course chosen between: LGBTQ+ Tourism & Gay Marketing, DE&I Overview, DE&I with a focus on the LGBTQ+ Community);
  • Use of QV Accredited Logo;
  • LGBTQ+ Social Media Kit;
  • 1 E-blast to our Subscribers.
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We also ask you to Offer a Welcome Gift to our Users

Let’s know to your LGBTQ+ that they are Welcome from the beginning of their stay! Here an example of what you can offer.

Welcome Drink

Free Room Upgrade

Early Check-in/Late Check-out

Ready to the Next level?

Adopt the QueerVadis Protocol and Certify Your Company as LGBTQ Welcoming

In a world where diversity is steadily becoming the norm and individuality is celebrated, it is essential for businesses, especially those in the tourism sector, to reflect this progress and inclusivity.

We invite you to take a pioneering step towards demonstrating your commitment to this cause by adopting the QueerVadis Standards of Conduct. This is not just an accreditation; it is a statement of your company’s recognition and acceptance of diverse cultural expressions and sexual orientations.

By certifying your business as LGBTQ Welcoming, you will not only enhance your reputation but also vastly expand your customer base, reaching out to the vibrant and dynamic LGBTQ community.

Embracing diversity is more than just a moral obligation; it is good business. The LGBTQ market is a significant and still largely untapped segment of the tourism industry. By aligning your company with the QueerVadis Protocol, you open the door to this profitable demographic, showing that you understand, respect and cater to their specific needs and preferences.

The certification process is straightforward, comprehensive, and designed to ensure that your business is fully equipped to provide a welcoming and enjoyable experience for all guests, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. It will provide your staff with the necessary training to handle all situations with sensitivity and respect, ultimately enriching the overall customer experience.


If you are looking for a personalized consultancy don’t esitate to contact us. Take a look at the link below to what we can also do for you.