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Most frequent questions and answers

Reach LGBTQ+ travelers means reach a slice of the market that is highly loyal and high-spending. Consider that the LGBTQ+ travelers makes on an average of 3 leisure trips and 2 weekend per year, they have a personal income of 38% more than average and 60% of them looking for a holiday on specialized LGBT websites.

An LGBTQ+ List is a showcase for your company. You can insert a descriptive text, images, contact information, social pages and features of your company to let you know by potential LGBTQ+ customers. The process is very simple: click “Add Listing” in our homepage, register and complete your profile with the information you prefer. You can choose between two of our payment plans: QV Accredited, if you have one business to list, and QV Accredited+ if you want to list up to 5 businesses. Visit “List Pricing” page to discover the differences between the plans and choose one suitable for your company. You may upgrade any time to another plan.

If you are a travel company or association, you can register you business on our website. Before you register your company, check on our list that your company is not already present. In this case you can “Claim it” and manage your profile.

A QueerVadis Accredited list is a company that has registered its business on our website, trained its staff and subscribed our Ethic Code. The difference between QV Accredited Company and QV Approved Company is that the second one is a company who has joined the QV Standards of Conduct and its commitment is verified by a certification body. By clicking here, you can find more information about QV Approved certification program.

A QueerVadis Certified list is a company that has completed the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion LGBTQ+ accreditation and certification program. By clicking here, you can find more information about it.

You can claim your company directly within the dedicated profile. Visited the “Explore” page, search your company, click on the name to see the profile, click on “Not verified. Claim this listing” on the right side of the page and fill out the form.